1) проход

2) миновать
3) передавать
4) переходить
5) пройти
6) пропуск
7) пропускной
8) проходить
9) происходить
10) случаться
11) пропускать
12) пас
13) выход из игры
14) минуть
15) пропускание
16) пролет
band pass
boarding pass
break-down pass
drawing pass
dummy pass
edging pass
even-numbered pass
fill the pass
finishing pass
fish pass
flat pass
former pass
hot pass
live pass
navigation pass
odd-numbered pass
open pass
pass a test
pass aphelion
pass band
pass control
pass over
pass plane
pass rope
pass set-up
pass templet
pass the test
pass through
pass to atmosphere
pass to limit
reduction per pass
root pass
roughing pass
welding pass

fill the pass overfull — переполнять калибр

leave the pass underfilled — заполнять калибр неполностью

pass into slime — выпадать в шлам

pass into solution — переходить в раствор

pass into suspension — переходить в суспензию

pass mode coding — <comput.> режим кодирования переходный, режим кодирования проходной

pass over station — проскакивать станцию

pass the test to satisfaction — успешно проходить испытание

pass through slit — проходить через щель

roll on return pass — прокатывать в обратную сторону

roll pass design — калибровка прокатных валков

roll pass designer — <metal.> калибровщик прокатных валков

vertical pass checker — вертикальная насадка

Англо-русский технический словарь.

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  • Pass — Pass, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Passed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Passing}.] [F. passer, LL. passare, fr. L. passus step, or from pandere, passum, to spread out, lay open. See {Pace}.] 1. To go; to move; to proceed; to be moved or transferred from one point… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • PASS — vi 1 a: to issue a decision, verdict, or opinion the Supreme Court pass ed on a statute b: to be legally issued judgment pass ed by default 2: to go from the control, ownership, or possession of one person or group to that of …   Law dictionary

  • pass — Ⅰ. pass [1] ► VERB 1) move or go onward, past, through, or across. 2) change from one state or condition to another. 3) transfer (something) to someone. 4) kick, hit, or throw (the ball) to a teammate. 5) (of time) go by. 6) …   English terms dictionary

  • Pass — Pass, v. t. 1. In simple, transitive senses; as: (a) To go by, beyond, over, through, or the like; to proceed from one side to the other of; as, to pass a house, a stream, a boundary, etc. (b) Hence: To go from one limit to the other of; to… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • pass — [n1] opening through solid canyon, cut, gap, gorge, passage, passageway, path, ravine; concepts 509,513 Ant. closing, closure pass [n2] authorization, permission admission, chit*, comp, free ride*, furlough, identification, license, order, paper …   New thesaurus

  • pass — pass1 [pas, päs] n. [ME pas: see PACE1] a narrow passage or opening, esp. between mountains; gap; defile pass2 [pas, päs] vi. [ME passen < OFr passer < VL * passare < L passus, a step: see PACE1] 1. to go o …   English World dictionary

  • Pass — Pass, n. [Cf. F. pas (for sense 1), and passe, fr. passer to pass. See {Pass}, v. i.] 1. An opening, road, or track, available for passing; especially, one through or over some dangerous or otherwise impracticable barrier; a passageway; a defile; …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Pass — (von französisch passer „überschreiten“) bezeichnet: Reisepass, einen amtlichen Identitätsausweis zur Legitimation bei Auslandsreisen Pass (Sport), das gezielte Übergeben des Sportgerätes im Sport eine Schaltung, um bestimmte Signalanteile… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • PASS ID — is a proposed U.S. law intended to replace REAL ID. Like REAL ID, it implements federal standards for state identification documents. Currently, states are not obligated to follow the standards, but if PASS ID takes full effect, federal agencies… …   Wikipedia

  • pass as — ● pass * * * pass as [phrasal verb] 1 pass as (someone or something) : to cause people to believe that you are (someone or something that you are not) He thought that growing a mustache would help him pass as an adult. Your mom could pass as your …   Useful english dictionary

  • PASS — Cette page d’homonymie répertorie les différents sujets et articles partageant un même nom …   Wikipédia en Français


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